How We Can Help






GeoHydroScience provides a relevant solution to your hydrogeologic problem.  

GeoHydroScience offers the following expertise from our office in Colorado – 

  • hydrogeologic characterization and hydrogeologic conceptual models
  • ground water modeling* and training in modeling
  • water-resources and mine hydrology assessment and permitting


Professional Engineering license held in CO and AZ

For any problem presented, the suite of solutions already successfully applied and defended for decades will be employed.   In some instances, new approaches must be developed to solve the problem.

The experience base of GeoHydroScience across mining hydrology, water-resources and environmental consulting allows for awareness and adaptation of such solutions. GeoHydroScience is not a research-oriented company and the Client will never be paying for a science project with an unknown outcome.

The Client will be aware of project development and integrated into the solution process [as much as desired].  It is our experience that an informed Client is essential to a successful outcome.  

A typical day at GeoHydroScience ….

  • Review of geologic and hydrologic data to delineate boundary conditions for subsequent modeling or water balance analyses
  • Evaluation of hydrologic system variables for water resources and mine water management analyses such as: stage and ground water level changes, streamflow variations, spatial and temporal precipitation and recharge patterns, diversions, changes in pumping, contaminant distributions, and canal and reservoir operations
  • Application of analytical and graphical solutions to determine pitlake dewatering and recovery, stream depletion, wellfield production potential, irrigation drain spacing, mound growth, leakance, delayed yield
  • Aquifer test design and analysis
  • Augmentation plans, evaluation of Nontributary applications
  • Packer test design and analysis in fractured systems
  • Application of numerical solutions by building/revising a ground water flow model for determination/prediction of dewatering effects, reductions to distal springflow from tunneling in fractured flow system, tailing dewatering design, well-to-well interference, wellfield yield, stream-aquifer interaction,  mitigation of effects to other landowners from mine dewatering, slurry wall placement, plume delineation and capture, multi-layer aquifer analysis and tidal-aquifer interaction
  • Preparation of memos, reports, and notes for effective project management 
  • Or communications with on-site expert geologist/hydrologist, regulator, objector, attorney, co-consultant…to reach a successful outcome

It is very important to also make a prospective client aware of GeoHydroScience’s limitations.  No one does it all & does it all well, but a fundamental recognition of this in creation of GeoHydroScience llc allows us to openly draw upon the expertise of others.  We have built strong, reliable relationships with tremendously talented professionals in the water community for over 30 years and extending beyond the boundaries of Colorado.  In the spirit of providing the Client with defensible and cost-effective solutions to their problems, we believe that this is a powerful trait practiced at GeoHydroScience.  Simply, GeoHydroScience puts the Client FIRST.

* Standard software used – MODFLOW, PEST, GWV, VM, MapWindowGIS, MS programs, Fortran, Vulcan