GeoHydroScience llc was formed in 2010 and incorporated in 2017.

Our niche is providing efficient & technically-sound hydrogeologic solutions for application in water-resources, mining and environmental consulting.

We have nearly 35 years of experience in finding practical solutions.

GeoHydroScience is born out of a desire to produce results and provide a high-quality service to meet the need of the Client.

What we offer –

  • a streamlined & effective approach
  • identification of required/relevant tasks to meet objective within the defined budget
  • project tasks completed on schedule and within budget
  • fulfillment of commitment to the Client

Client references available upon request

Who we are……….

Barbara A. Ford, P.E.
Principal Hydrogeologist
M.S. Hydrogeology, Geol. Engineering Dept, Colorado School of Mines 1996
B.S. Geology, University of Vermont 1984
           math thru difEQ + Civil Engineering courses incl ground water hydrology, fluid mechanics, soil mechanics


Ms. Ford has over 30 years of consulting experience in ground water hydrology. She has participated in water-resource projects, mining hydrology projects and environmental consulting projects in the US and abroad. Highlights from her 30 years:

  • Has also designed and completed hydrogeologic characterizations and technical reviews of proposed and existing mining sites in Colorado, Montana, California, Oregon, Nevada and Canada. 
  • Is trained in analytical, deterministic and inverse numerical modeling techniques related to ground water hydrology and contaminant transport. 
  • Ms. Ford has provided technical support to legal representatives for various water resources projects in Colorado and Arizona. She has evaluated various Nontributary applications to protect senior water rights, and acted as an expert witness on water rights cases in Colorado. 
  • Has participated as the hydrogeologist and ground water modeler on the Rio Grande Decision Support System Model, the Mesilla Basin Conjunctive Use Model, the Lost Creek Basin Model and several other basin-scale and local site scale aquifer modeling projects. 
  • Has provided training in ground water modeling to water resources and mining professionals
  • The models were constructed for water-resources evaluation, mine permitting, wellfield optimization, contaminant transport and remediation analysis and design, and for characterization and mitigation of ground water inflow at mining sites. 
  • Her Lost Creek Basin model was provided for use to the USGS and Colorado State Engineer’s Office for incorporation in the South Platte Decision Support System project and USGS model of the Lost Creek Basin. 
  • Has characterized aquifer systems, and built and revised existing numerical models for areas in Colorado, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Kentucky, Washington, Alaska and the Canadian Arctic. 

Professional Engineer, Colorado & Arizona

Ford, B.A
., and E.P. Poeter. 1996. The Use of Inverse Modeling to Determine Aquifer Characteristics at the Louisiana Army Ammunitions Plant Followed by Contaminant Transport Modeling to Delineate Contaminant Plumes. Master of Science Thesis, Colorado School of  Mines. Also presented and published as a technical paper at the MODFLOW98 International Ground Water

Modeling Conference.

Ford, B.A. and M. Riley. 1998. A Practical Application of MODFLOW and UCODE (Universal Inverse Code) for Design of a Recovery Well System and Evaluation of Well System Performance. Also presented and published as a technical paper at the MODFLOW98 International Ground Water Modeling Conference.

Schenk, J., J. Foster, B.A. Ford, R. Bennett. 2001. Comparison of the Original and Segmented Function Evapotranspiration Packages in Modflow. Presented and published as a technical paper at the MODFLOW 2001 Modeling Conference, Colorado School of Mines, Colorado.

Foster, J., B.A. Ford, M. Palumb, 2002. Package MCW for Calculation of Water Level in a Multi-Completion Well. Prepared for South Metro Denver Area Ground Water Study.

Ford, B.A. 2008. Analysis of Acceleration Parameter in Strongly Implicit Procedure (SIP). Presented and published as a technical poster at the MODFLOW 2008 International Ground Water Modeling Conference, Colorado School of Mines, Colorado.

Colorado Mining Assoc., Colorado Ground Water Assoc.,CFWE, IGWMC